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Default 30 Days to a better body - Women

Saw this article and I decided to dare to stray away from my regular boreds. Am I now your prisoner? Mmm, please? Erm, anyway... the article.

The road to a fit, fabulous body isn't short. But if you take one small step a day to improve your diet and workout habits, you may be amazed at how quickly you reach your destination! Read on for 10 tips that will help you get fitter, faster -- and check out our cool calendar for a full month's worth of practical advice! Incorporate these ideas into your life today and you'll be swimsuit-ready in no time:

1. "There's no question: it can be difficult to drag yourself to the gym when you're feeling beat from head to toe. But if you shirk your workout, you'll never know whether exercise would have energized you. A better strategy: Stick with the 10-minute rule. Force yourself to go out and exercise for at least 10 minutes. If at that point you still feel exhausted, give yourself permission to stop. But in all likelihood, exercise will help you feel better and you'll choose to keep going."
From Energy Breakthrough: Jump-Start Your Weight Loss and Feel Great by Sarah Ferguson and Weight Watchers

2. "Skipping meals and cutting calories will not improve your body; it will hinder your fat burning. This is especially true for women, who are natural fat storers. The less often you eat, the more likely your body is to hoard fat."
From Body Rx : Dr. Scott Connelly's 6-Pack Prescription" by A. Scott Connelly, M.D. and Carol Colman

3. "Your exercise clothing should be something you enjoy putting on. Get moving

Nike Seamless Tank

It will cheer you up, give you positive affirmation to take better care of yourself, and put you in the right frame of mind for your workouts….You may be self-conscious at first about revealing your body and choose big T-shirts and other cover-ups. But if you're heavy, it's important to have the kind of clothing that protects skin from rubbing against skin. It may be better to wear clothing that is somewhat form-fitting so that the body folds are covered and protected."
From Real Fitness for Real Women : A Unique Workout Program for the Plus-Size Woman" by Rochelle Rice

4. Physical activity: the larger picture:
· Less strenuous activities, when performed for longer periods of time, are just as beneficial as vigorous activities
· All women should get at least 30 minutes of moderate activity a day.
· Brisk walking, recreational swimming, canoeing, vacuuming, and weight training are all good examples of moderate-intensity activity."
From Healthy Women, Healthy Lives : A Guide to Preventing Disease" by Susan E. Hankinson, R.N. et al.

5. "Exercise is an important part of any weight-loss program. That doesn't mean you have a to spend hours a day taking aerobics classes. Just get yourself out and start moving. My motto is, 'Be fit, not fanatic.'"
From Eat Great, Lose Weight by Suzanne Somers

6. "Portions of food in restaurants are often much too large. Don't always finish everything you are served. Consider splitting dishes with fellow diners, taking the excess home, or just leaving it on the plate."
From Eating Well for Optimum Health : The Essential Guide to Bringing Health and Pleasure Back to Eating" by Andrew Weil, M.D.

7. "Many women work at jobs that require hours of sitting. The more you sit, the more you need to move around. Physical movement pumps oxygen throughout the bloodstream so it can nourish the joints and surrounding soft tissues. Give yourself a much-needed break and stand up, stretch and move around at least every hour throughout the day. You'll feel better -- and your body will function better, too."
From The Core Program: 15 Minutes a Day That Can Change Your Life by Peggy W. Brill, P.T.

8. "Use pepper and spices instead [of salt] to give your food that added flavor. Spicy food slows you down: You simply can't wolf down highly seasoned food the way you can wolf down bland dishes. And, by slowing down your pace, you tend to eat less."
From The Town that Lost a Ton by Jane Clemen, R.D. et al.

9. "Choose stairs over elevators. If there are many flights of stairs where you work, climb one flight of stairs for three weeks; increase the number of flights by one every three weeks. Or walk up and down the stairs in your home three to five extra times each day."
From Banish Your Belly, Butt and Thighs ! The Real Woman's Guide to Body Shaping & Weight Loss" by the Editors of Prevention Health Books for Women

10. "A basic guideline is to exercise at a level that allows you to talk and sweat at the same time. If you can't talk, you're exercising too hard and should slow down, even if you're within your target heart rate (THR). If you are within your THR and can sing or whistle while exercising, you are not working hard enough, so you should increase your exertion to the higher end of the THR scale."
From The Origin Diet How Eating Like Our Stone Age Ancestors Will Maximize Your Health" by Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D.
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Default Re: 30 Days to a better body - Women

Definitely very basic, geared towards beginners who have not started an exercise program yet.

But thanks for thinking of us Archetype!
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