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Originally Posted by Soljah_Grl View Post
Thanks for all the advice! I have narrowed down the amount of exercises I am doing to around 5-6 and going until failure (around the 9-12 rep mark) with 3 to 4 sets per exercise. Seems to be working. I am lifting a lot heavier since making that one change!
Nice work!

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If you are new to bodybuilding I am guessing you are new to lifting in general. A beginner can basically do anything and get stronger/better at first because they are so weak and new. However, a beginner should focus on building up their base (muscle size and strength) with heavy compound movements (squats, deadlift, rows, bench and overhead press) as these movements but on the most size. Then you can supplement those lifts with movements that make you better at those lifts and build muscle (inclines, leg press, pullups, db presses, etc). Until you have built up the size you want and a good level of strength there is no need for isolation exercises like db kickbacks, concentration curls, leg extensions etc.
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If you are just new in bodybuilding or weight training.

I suggest that you start with the basic exercise like Squat, bench press and deadlift.

This are what you called compound exercise. Just add at least to assistance program in each body part. If you feel you already gain size and strength that is the time you add more exercise.

I also suggest that you think first what is your goal. Do you want to gain size or gain strength or lose weight etc. If you already have your goal that is the time you will ask what proper workout is the best for you.
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