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Default Weilie the impression

The treasure,Cheap authentic jerseys,trove of Stone teaches, we Jianye training base? How the walls are so high ah? Former prison not it? "Staring eyes asked.

Fart! "Shi Jun Xiao Ma said:" how could the prison? Entire base we club to invest in the construction of this fence is high high point, but no small role, at least those who like the reporters dug gate Daodong is difficult to secretly enter! Let the team unruly players want to secretly go out was not so easy! "

Secretly go out! ?

Treasure house heard some confused, after all, he is not only younger, but has been living in the newborn Village, considerably less understanding of this fast-paced world.

Wang Weilie than he was two years old, the heart was heard plainly, reckoned Shi Jun, authentic nhl jerseys,then referred to is a life of debauchery Trivial moment grinning, said: "also said prison? Than personal freedom are limits so! "

Shi Jun glared Wang Weilie a fiercely tone said: "The two of you kid to me good, no matter how others, the two of you are still young, so early contact with professional football that you luck came to this give me an honest play, What happened to you really want trouble, not to mention that one and Lao Wan you a hard time, even if he let go of you, I can recall your youth team to make good drill! listen to it! "

Along the wall, Nike Elite Jerseys,the car probably opened five minutes, treasure house, and Wang Weilie see the door of the Black Dragon Jianye quite impressive, ten meters high, width is big enough for 78 car sub-peers, the entire door are rocky which surface mount black marble looks dressed solemnity, and a stainless steel electronic gate almost one stopped there, on both sides, it looks like there are two huts duty room, one of them standing in front a security guard.

Coach million Guoqiang car anyone recognize security salute to the car while the other side of the old man's duty room has been pressed, the remote control, the gate slowly opened, Wan Guoqiang Shi Jun driving a car one after driving into.

Through the door, Nfl jerseys wholesale,is an almost one kilometer long straights, the end of the stands at a 20-storey building.

Shi Jun while driving a car, the side with the two kid description: "Well, that building we the Black Dragon Jianye's headquarters, a 24-storey, after you eat and drink Lazard sleep on in the inside of that building ... ...... on both sides of a total of twelve training ground, a common training ground four, eight all-terrain, muddy, hard, similar to the other team race venue! "

Two kid listening to the introduction of Shi Jun, eyes straight before they come to the first team, Nfl jerseys china,never mind doing the the Black Dragon Jianye training base, the youth team players who've spent time in the training base is quite a lot of times, the treasure trove of, and Wang Weilie the impression, which is more than the youth team training venues, better only what to think the Black Dragon Jianye training base was so some circumstances?
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