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Old 01-21-2013, 07:16 AM
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Muscular optimum its all genes as far as I know. Some individuals say that there are some workouts to improve your optimum like focus waves, preacher waves or fixed contractions, but I believe that the form of yor muscle is all genes. You can try them out and see your outcomes.
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I know genetics plays a major role as far as how much you can develop the shape, but when I first started training I used to focus on building peak in my arms more than size. Those techniques worked very well for me because my bicep peaks were way better than they are now, and even had the split between the heads. My triceps were the same way. The only way you can really tell if something will work specifically for you is to try it out yourself. And if it doesn't work try another method until you find something that your body responds well to. Trial and error is all I can say. It's just like some people say incline press won't build your upper chest, you only need to do Flat press because it works everything and its impossible to isolate your upper chest. That may be true for the genetically gifted, but most people will have to do incline to build up that upper part of their chest. I've seen the results once I started doing inclines a long time ago. Also nutrition has to be on point to make significant gains, which many people don't focus on. Everyone has their own views or theories on working out, but like I said trial and error is probably the best thing you can do when it comes to working out and nutrition because everyone body responses differently to different methods.
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