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1 or 2 glasses of wine now and again won't kill ya!
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Originally Posted by Trench View Post
Correct me if Im wrong, but what I remember from reading was that Alcohol was the first thing the body will metabolize. Even before Carbohydrates. When you drink a ton of alcohol, of course this is metabolized first and carbs/proteins/fats sit in your system.

From my view point, its really the snacking and eating after all the drinking that wrecks havoc on the body. I've quit drinking all together to really tighten up, but when I did drink, I'd drink a few and be sure to just have a protein shake w/ water before bed. Never really had any negative effects on my training.
sounds pretty spot on because your body's substrates change when you introduce alcohol into your system . . . . sooo my approach on a booze day is to do my carbs earlier in the day and high fiberous carbs (primarily veggies and some fruit) at my last meal before I start to drink along with a lot of protein (all whole foods is what I prefer because of how it makes me feel . . . . satisfied.

I also usually stick with wine as my drink of choice or whiskey and some diet soda.
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