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Old 08-13-2011, 12:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
1. If your meals are far enough apart you can spike with some Leucine or BCAA. Add carb depending on your goals (bulking/cutting), but they aren't necessary.
2. That depends on your goals. The basic idea is larger meals, spread farther apart to allow for peaks and valleys in protein synthesis. Within that framework, there is room for different macronutrient breakdowns dependent on your training and goals.
3. I have had success. The last 2 years have by far been the most productive I have had in my lifting lifetime. I eat as little as 2 meals a day (intermittent fasting) and as many as 4. It gives you great freedom, not having to stress about having food every 2 hours.
Thanks for your input! I am currently bulking up, trying to gain as much muscle as possible as well as recover from a very busy schedule in wrestling training. I've been doing the 6-8 meals for about 7-8 years now I wouldn't even know how to start this kind of diet routine.
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Worth listening to commander with an avatar like that he knows what he's talking about
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Well a serving of food needed to get the greatest advantage for sinew construction and states "at a protein intake overhead this grade the body would only oxidize the surplus amino acids for energy"
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Old 01-20-2012, 06:44 AM
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I think the body conditions itself to your eating schedule as long as it remains consistent. I've ruined my diet so many times by trying to fit in 8 meals one day and then only having 4 the next. I've personally seen amazing results in the past couple months by steadily eating 6-8 meals with 25-35 grams of protein each meal. However, i can't argue with results from someone like Commander who has had great success with his regimen. Everyone is different and science can only tell us so much.
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My dissertation focused on the question of optimal meal frequency. I'll work on getting a layman article up here shortly. But here is an abstract of the study,

And if you email me I can send you the full text (

But this research, I believe, addresses the question of meal frequency. Again, I'll put up a Layman article shortly.
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