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Originally Posted by Charles Izzo View Post
Running (steady state) doesn't do a good job of working your cardiovascular system, it wears you out and cuts into your recovery capabilities, its catabolic in nature, and it takes time out of your day.
Nothing could be further from the truth. I train for cycling and running and utilize weights to supplement this now as compared to the bodybuilding I did before. From a pure health standpoint you should want to keep your heart healthy and traditional cardio activities like running and cycling make me far and away more healthy from a heart and lung capacity standpoint.

Nothing wrong with getting a workout from squats and deads but lets be serious here. A set of deads or squats doesn't come close to the benefit you can get out of running three miles.

I'm not saying you have to run half-marathons like me to be fit in the cardiovascular sense but you're fooling yourself if you think you are fit with just lifting alone without traditional cardio exercises like swimming, running, etc.

Granted to lean out you don't "need" it but to be healthy you need to do it. My goal is to live to see my grandkids graduate college so I need keep my heart healthy.
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