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Old 07-03-2009, 12:47 AM
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Exclamation The Effects of Excess Protein?

Im new to this site, but definitely not new to working out.

I am wondering if anyone knew if there was evidence-based information regarding some of the possible effects of protein supplementation. The reason I ask is because I love working out, and living a healthy lifestyle. Im 25, 175lbs, and take 30g of EAS Premium Protein 7days a week following each workout, or on off-day's ill usually have one with breakfast. I'm a strong believer in post-work out shakes, but lately i've been getting alot of crap (mostly from my brother) about some of the possible effects down the road of my "excess" protein consumption after each post workout.

So I went online, and could not find any articles (pubmed) regarding the long term effects of supplementary protein on our body, such as the kidneys and liver, specifically.

I did find these using google:
The possible side effects of whey are relatively linked to over consumption.

The pH of blood increased- Excessive protein in the blood will give your kidney a hard time to metabolize it, in turn makes blood acidic.

Joint problem linked to osteoporosis- As mentioned above, when the blood turns acidic your body's response is to turn it back to basic, in which case; calcium is the most basic element in the body to be utilized. The calcium in the bones will be released to turn the blood back to basic resulting to insufficient calcium deposits on the bones leading to osteoporosis that will later cause joint problems.

Formation of kidney stone is probable- Calcium is a known predisposing factor to kidney stones, still related to what was mentioned earlier; when your body uses calcium to reverse the effect of blood acidity, the unused calcium will be deposited in the kidneys causing possible formation of kidney stones.

Liver damage closely related to ketosis- Elevated protein consumption could bring your body in a state called ketosis; characterized by elevated levels of ketones in the blood. Ketosis is considered a very dangerous state since it causes too much stress on the liver that might lead to liver damage.
Up to this day there is still not enough evidence to substantiate the possibility of its side effects due to over consumption. Truth of the matter is anything in excess will never do you good. Healthy living means everything in moderation; same truth applies to whey protein consumption.

Dangerous Iron Levels
Beware of many of the protein supplements on the market. Many contain dangerous levels of iron (association with heart disease) particularly as you increase your protein intake. Others have higher-than-needed ratios of carbohydrate to protein. This means you would have to consume a lot of carbohydrates to get your needed protein, thus, over-loading you with unnecessary calories from carbohydrates.

Perhaps someone has posted a similar article. Does anyone know where I could find more information regarding this? I would really appreciate it!
Thanks guys!
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This is a good manuscript summarizing protein safety,

Garlick did a review on amino acids supplements and really only found side effects from mega doses of methionine.
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