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Default Exercise of The Week (Female Only) #10 Discussion


My main reason for this exercise choice (no not what you think guys) is injury prevention, The bench press is imo a show exercise its benifits dont really outweigh possible negatives, the movement is un-natural when compared to incline, dont get me wrong, bench hits the chest hard but it may be too hard many people tear their pecs from heavy flat bench press yet not as many do on the incline, The incline is a safer choice and imo hits the chest better.

This exercise is very similar to the regular barbell bench press except that you will be using an incline free weight bench press machine and your upper chest will be the muscle group worked instead of your middle chest. Lift the barbell off of the rack and slowly lower it to about 3 inches above your clavicle (just below your Adamís apple) and then press the bar back to the start position. DO NOT TOUCH THE BAR TO YOUR UPPER CHEST (this causes unneeded stress on your shoulder joints and takes the tension away from your upper pec muscles, which are what we want to be doing the work!). Be sure that when you are lowering the bar that you do so in a slow and controlled fashion. Conversely, when you press the bar upward, you want to do so in an explosive fashion. Repeat this movement for as many repetitions as you can until failure
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