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Old 01-19-2009, 06:24 AM
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Default Whey Man's Log: Pound'n It

Welcome to my 134th journal attempt. I'm going to try and actually STICK with it this time. Updates everyday.

Before I begin, there's just one caveat. Since I'm being trained by coach Scott Abel, I can't just go around giving away his stuff. Therefore, I'm going to be discrete when it comes to which exercises I'm specifically doing and what amounts of food I'm eating. So, for instance, if I do 3x12 sets of hammer curls, I'm just going to say I did "Biceps Exercise: 3x12." Sorry, but it must be so.

On with the show!

Name: Torrey Anderson
Height: 6'1
Weight: 173
Goal(s): Be as big, lean, and athletic as possible. You know, the cliche stuff...

I'm currently in a high volume muscle gaining phase. Here's what my weekly setup looks like.

Monday: Intense Basketball
Tuesday: Legs / HIIT
Wednesdays: Chest / core
Thursdays: Shoulders / core (a little different than the other core day...more focused on rotations, chops, and hyperextensions)
Fridays: Rest
Saturdays: Back
Sundays: Triceps/Biceps

And if you think that looks like it would suck, don't worry, it does....
Jesus leads the whey in my life, how about yours?

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Old 01-19-2009, 06:48 AM
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Whey Man is procrastinating.
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~~*Sunday: January 18th*~~

Today marked the first day I began my daily stretching routine. My hamstrings are tighter than Latrell Sprewell's death grip, so I'm looking to improve that and be more flexible. In addition to the stretching, I've been working on my legs and spine on a foam roller every time I'm in the weight room. Foam roller = <3

Anyway, here was my workout:

* Compound Back Exercise: 5 x 12 (explosive lifting)
* Compound Back Exercise: 4 x 12 (explosive)
* Back Exercise: 4 x 11 (focused on constant tension)
* Compound Back Exercise: 3 x 10 (explosive)
* Back Exercise: 3 x 12 (constant tension)

Immediately after I had a good ol' shake. Two scoops whey (the nastiest whey you'll ever come across, I might add), two frozen bananas, and 174 grams unsweetened almond milk. Blended = good (the bananas mask the terribleness of the whey). Apples on the side.

Might as well take take the time to give my food intake for the day as well:

* Meal 1: Salmon, brown rice
* Meal 2: Shake mentioned above
* Meal 3: Oats (mixed with Walden Farm's PB + packet splenda is awesome) + egg whites + tuna + EVOO
* Meal 4: Chicken + brown rice + mixed veggies + EVOO + all purpose seasoning + loads and loads of low carb ketchup
* Meal 5: Another shake. Similar to one above, but this time frozen pineapples, frozen rhubarb, lemon, and apples on the side.
Meal 6: Omega-3 Eggs w. Low Carb Ketchup

In other news, I was actually supposed to do my back workout YESTERDAY, but being the lazy bum I am, I fell asleep when I was supposed to go. By the time I woke up, it was almost time for bed. So I went to bed a little earlier than usual and ended up lying there....trying to fall asleep again...for 3 hours straight....but that's besides the point. With that in mind, I did the back workout today as you already know, but then I ALSO did arm day as well 8 hours later. Probably a stupid idea, but I felt up for it.

* Biceps Exercise: 4 x 13 (explosive lifting)
* Biceps Exercise: Strip Set (ended up being 6 or so strips)
* Biceps Exercise: 3 x 12 (focused on constant tension)
* Biceps: 3 x 12
* Triceps Exercise: Strip Set (only 4 or 5 strips on this one...disappointed in myself, but I actually started with a weight much higher than I anticipated, which was a nice surprise....but my elbows hate me.)
* Triceps Exercise: 3 x 10
* Triceps Exercise: 3 x 12
* Triceps Exercise: 1 x 15, 2 x 12

So as you can see, lots of volume. That's fine with me, though. I've never been a fan of heavy, heavy lifting, partly because my joints suck and weren't made for that type of stuff. As coach says, it's not about how much your lifting, but what you're DOING with the weight you're lifting that's important.
Jesus leads the whey in my life, how about yours?

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Old 01-22-2009, 08:27 PM
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Whey Man is procrastinating.
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~~*Monday: January 19th*~~

Already behind the 8 ball with keeping this updated! Nice! It takes alot of effort to slack off immediately after saying I wouldn't.

This day was actually kind of boring. My workout today was 2.5 intense hours of basketball. And in regards to that, I've been very happy with my performance lately. Not sure how many of you know this, but I've had problems with my ankle and joints (specifically in the legs) holding up, and I lost some vert somewhere along the way....but it's finally starting to come back and is almost as good as before during my competitive highschool days.

In addition to that, something finally clicked in my head and my performance is better than ever. Typically I'm someone who likes to stay on the perimeter and shoot the long ball, but a few weeks ago it all come together and I realized, "Hey, I'm stronger than these guys." So I just started driving to the hoop every time and having my way with anybody who got in my way. It's too bad I couldn't have this mindset now that I'm out of athletics, but it's nice to know that I had it in me to be like this all along. I've never felt more aggressive and determined, and it feels great. I think I'm fueled by being generally pissed off in life right now. People say staying positive is the absolute way to go, but I think the pissed factor helps in striving to be something greater than we currently are in CERTAIN situations. It varies for each person in regards to when it's actually a good thing for them to get pissed off or not. For instance, even though I play better pissed during basketball, if I get pissed off in the weight room, I'm actually distracted and it turns into something negative.

One must control the pissiness and use the pissiness to their advantage!
Jesus leads the whey in my life, how about yours?

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Old 01-22-2009, 09:37 PM
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Yeah, buddy!!!! Thrilled that you are giving this another role. Let's make it your best!
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