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Old 09-16-2008, 05:24 PM
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Cool Return to the game... Getting back on the right path

Wow, the entire site here has changed from when I really posted here, congrats to ABC for doing an exemplary job throughout the years.
I first found this site in 2000-2002 and went from an a obese 290lbs to a built 190lbs (with a few bulk/cut cycles in between). This time I am looking to do it again.
I'm a fulltime college student, former volly firefighter and work sporadically on misc. sidejobs I found throughout my community, I don't have a schedule - except for class - so work and gym time will just be forced to happen when it happens.
I've been off the forums for a few years and have had the stereotypical college experience in that time. Cigs, booze, lack of dedication to diet and my workouts and need to knock it off and just get myself back on track. So, what better place to do it than where I did it in the first place, right here at ABC.

This will be a cutting journal and a sense of motivation for myself to stay with my program until I am satified.

current stats
235lbs ≈ 25-30% bodyfat (guesstimation - I lost my calipers in my move(s))
drinks and smokes too much

goal = a lean 175
quit smoking
quit the bar/parties

5-6 split focusing on endurance and fat loss
3 days lifting (back/traps/hams, chest/shoulders/tri's, thighs/calves/bi's)
2-3days cardio (+abs)

Today will be the start, I'll post workouts after class.
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