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Default TO\'s Journal - New Guy

Just getting started with ABC. Actually found it while doing a search for P90X. This was cheaper. Also, was very intrigued by the spiritual aspect of the site.
I've recently started working out again (2 months). I'm 74" and 2 months ago was 278 lbs. After the 1st month working out I decided to start hydrating and eating better. I usually intake between 1100 and 1500 cal.
Workout consists of 15 min on an eliptical and 75-90 min full body. Upper body consists of a 3 push/pull routines, 3 sets & 10 reps each exercise, back to back with no rest. Legs consist of squats, quad extension, and ham curl each 3/10. Abs are inserted in between consisting of 3/30 on the "Peanut from hell!" (aerobic ball) and 3/50 on a machine. Today, a month after policing my diet, I'm weighing in at 262 lbs.

Had some questions about beginning routines. The first I looked at was the 13 week fat burner. It seemed a little advanced - not sure my body can handle. At 48 year I pull a muscle getting out of the rack.
I paster the url for the 12 week workout above in order to find it again. I'm thinking this is intended for beginners.
Also, my current routine has been good so far for dropping weight but I'm worried about how much muscle I may be losing. I'm reduced to lighter weights because of the pace and don't get feel "pump" effect so don't know if I'm doing much good. Although, by rep 10 my muscles are screaming, I've sweated a bucket, and breathing/heart rate way up (for weight lifting).
Hopefully, I've painted a pretty good picture of my routine (currently at 4 days a week with some kind of activity on the weekend). Right now my goal is to lose weight, get an athletic toned look, and build a solid foundation for something more perhaps later on. Any gouge you all can offer appreciated. tob
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