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Old 06-25-2006, 08:06 PM
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Default ThaBrownBeast\'s Workout Journal. 190lbs Goal.

Hey folks,

A little background info about me. I've been workingout for the past ~3 years, mostly on and off and not consistant, usually due to exams, illness, and/or other problems. Recently, I've been guided and given amazing advice by the Bishop at my church. One of his suggestions was to create a goal chart, a day to day goal chart, weekly chart and a yearly chart. I have started to do so and one of my goals is to achieve my ideal body. I've decided to end my laziness and inconsistant attitude about everyday things and decided it's time for a change. This journal will be used as a motivational guide. It will consist of my thoughs on training, meal plans and also about spritual thoughts and scriptures which have guided me throughout the day/week.

My current stats are 187lbs, ~15% BF. I'm 5"7ish. My goal is to reach to about 190lbs, ~11% BF, unfortuneatly for height...I'm stuck at being 5"7... lol.

I will be incorporating the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse workout. I've looked over it and it looks brutal! I haven't tried anything like this before, but I'm looking for a challenge and I believe this is what I need right now. I'm hoping to achieve my goals by August 20th, 2006.

Wish me luck,
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Old 06-29-2006, 11:32 AM
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Default Re: ThaBrownBeast\'s Workout Journal. 190lbs Goal.

Good luck bro!
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Default Re: ThaBrownBeast\'s Workout Journal. 190lbs Goal.

anything is possible.... if anyone says its not remind them about bee's studies show that it isnt possible for them to fly but obviously the bee's dont know this lolo
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