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Default Re: Omega 3 - no major health benefits

Hey, guys

I would say there are several potential problems in this analysis.

The first two have to do with the methodologies of the experiments analyzed. Specially, the dosages, sources, and omega 3:6 content.

This meta-analysis analyzed studies that used various types of omega 3’s. Including plant oils that contained linolenic acid, which must be converted into EPA and DHA for its ergogenic benefits to take place. As Ryan said, this process is greatly hindered with high omega 6 consumption. In fact, a diet with a high omega-6-3 ratio can reduce this conversion process by 40 to 50%! I never once saw this considered in the meta-analysis.

Second, the dosages were suboptimal at best. Participants received 0.4 g to 7.0 g per day! That is nothing. I discussed this with one of my mentors, Dr. Brown. He said that a Clerk at K-mart could tell you a couple grams of fish are not optimal lol!

Next, allow me to quote my article.

There is no set number for total EFA consumption, or the ratio between omega-6s and omega-3s.

[/ QUOTE ]

To be frank, most of these scientists are not up to date on optimal dosages.

An interesting situation is in the United States (USA). An increase in vegetable oils, rich with w6s, has the USA’s ratio of n6:n3 skyrocketed to about 10:1. It has been postulated that this is a major factor for the increased diseases (especially cardiovascular) within our society today [37].

With these statistics in mind, many authorities recommend a higher ratio of n6:n3, much lower than the United States average, however. Between 4:1 (In favor of n6) and 1:1 has been recommended [10], but this is based on just the minimal requirements and normal everyday function, not the athlete.

But we have not established the optimal dosage, or ratio of omega 3:6.

So they are examining studies, which I believe are clearly using suboptimal ratios of omega 3:6 and dosages of omega 3’s.

Let me give you an example.

I just read a study on protein, and they increased protein intake from 1.0 g/kg, to 2.2 g/kg. They found no benefits to muscular hypertrophy or strength.

But guess what source of protein they used? Soy! President showed unequivocally in his article that this is a suboptimal form of protein.

What I want to know, is what are the effects of consuming proteins such as eggs, whey, and casein. And when they have done this, the results are clear—protein augments muscular hypertrophy and strength.

Same thing with these studies.

I want to see studies that exam the effects of better ratios, such as 3:1 in favor of omega 3’s; and having 30 grams of essential fats a day, instead of 2!

Until then, it is really hard to analyze this. Because you are asking me to analyze flawed studies.

They also reported that there results were conflicting with several other analysis, and that the studies which they analyzed that “Studies with stronger methodology had more
consistent results”

I don’t want to get much into this now, but I have numerous issues with Meta-analysis themselves.

I did a Seminar Lecture on this, and the Effects of External Rewards on Intrinsic Motivation. And it was disheartening to see how data can be so mis-skewed using a meta-analysis, which is often times erroneously assumed to be objective. There are many issues with a meta-analysis, and I saw similar ones in this one. I hope to publish more on this in JHR, when I get time.
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Default Re: Omega 3 - no major health benefits

^^^ good analysis. Yes, any additional information you hav addressing any issues to do with meta-analyses would be much appreciated.
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Default Re: Omega 3 - no major health benefits

Nice, interesting information.
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