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Default Re: Publication in JSCR


I'd love to see the manuscript if you have it on PDF. Either way, you'll have to send me an autographed copy of the JSC journal when it comes out!

On a side note. Stay tuned. Gabriel and I are in the midst of collecting some amazing data on Schema Theory as we speak for publication.
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Default Re: Publication in JSCR

Sounds great, let me know how your own publication progresses. What journal are you looking at submitting to?
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Default Re: Publication in JSCR

Congrats Ryan!
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Default Re: Publication in JSCR

that's awesome!!

Only time I've ever been "published" is my name was listed as having submitted a correct solution to a mathematics challenge.
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Default Re: Publication in JSCR

Sounds great, let me know how your own publication progresses. What journal are you looking at submitting to?

[/ QUOTE ]

We are working with a top scientist on this, and he would like to publish in a top notch journal. So we are looking at the Journal of experimental brain psychology..human perception and performance (very prestige journal), journal of Motor Behavior, and Research Quarterly of Exercise and Sport. Either one would be awesome.

We are also working on review articles to publish, and it looks like I may be doing an experiment on Observational Learning with Dr. McCullagh very soon. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]
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