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Old 07-03-2005, 09:05 AM
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Default Re: Lack of Energy....need some feedback!


This may be totally irrelevant but do you know how much Omega-3 you get?

I have had CFS for 8 years and recently realised I was defficient in Oemega-3. I don't like fish and take a supplement but 1 or 2 capsules isn't much.

I take ground flaxseed now amongst other dietary changes to manage my fat intake better.

I've been much better since.

Old 07-12-2005, 04:21 AM
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Default Re: Lack of Energy....need some feedback!

Well i am not a doctor but from my personal experiance , i think it is about your oxygen consumption.
I have noticed that when i do cardios i have a better wake up ...
i recommend u go to a doctor and ask him about this ...
Check your nose and your lungs...
i thinks it is not about your diet.
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Default Re: Lack of Energy....need some feedback!

I thinks it is your diet. Well actually not really your diet, since, while it isn't perfect, it's not horrible, but clearly carrying all that extra weight is around is taking it's toll. I admire the fact that your are trying to manage your weight. Check out all that this site has to offer, and make your health a priority. Try to devote an hour a day--more if you can, but you seem very busy and an hour is a good start--to doing physical activity, be it cardiovascular exercise, weightlifting, or something else. Try to find an activity you enjoy like racquetball or kickboxing so your workouts are something to look forward to rather than something to dread. Not everyone is totally fitess minded, but if you can find an active thing to do that you enjoy you'll be doing well. Talk to a doctor or a dietician about managing your diet if you still can't control it. Finally, are you depressed? Being overweight can contribute to low self esteem which can contribute to depression, especially with all the other stress in your life. If you have been feeling down most of the time, you might want to talk to a psychologist. Good luck.
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Default Re: Lack of Energy....need some feedback!

I used to be like that.. and sometimes on rainy days, i'm nothing but a couch potato. Your weight definatly has something to do with that. When i first started training, I was 5'7, 165 pounds with high body fat.(now, i'm 5'8, 132lbs, with a low bf %) And i couldnt do more than 5 minutes on the eliptical before i wanted to crawl into bed. Craving were out of control.. You have to build muscle and do cardio- really push yourself. eat frequent meals with complex carbs, and make sure you are getting all your vitamins. Sleep is essential as well. Once you start building muscle and doing more cardio, as well as having a balanced diet and all the right nutrition, you will see your energy levels increasing. I'm suprised with how much energy i have now that training and eating right. It takes time, end yes- no pun inteanded, energy to get there. Try incorperating green tea after your meals, and on those days you really cant get yourself to get up and go to the gym (such as myself today), take a caffien pill, put on your gym clothes and running shoes, read through these forums and articals for half an hour to get yourself worked up, and just go. Once you are there, do your cardio first- keep saying "just 5 more minutes.. jsut 5 more minutes" until you reach at least 25 minutes, and then move onto weights. You'll soon forget that you even lacked energy that day. Dont forget to drink lots of water, and i find that eating fatty fish 3 times a week, really helps with my energy as well. When all else fails, take a little walk around the block 2 times, and see how you feel. But in order to get yourself to new energy levels, you have to put in some energy into a routine- and it'll be hard... but eventually you'll be fine.

I just read Eugen's post, and it reminded me that oxygen could be a huge factor. Some times a couple REALLY deep breaths in (as far as you can go) and out (as far as you can go) can rev you up. I relized that when i was over weight, i was breathing shallow breaths as well. Maybe stretching can help as well.

You jsut have to push yoruself, and eventaully you will get used to it.

ANd ofcourse, you should follow what tuf said about getting checked out to make sure it isnt anything serious.
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Default Re: Lack of Energy....need some feedback!

Good morning,

Someone mentioned Oxygen consumption and I thought that sleep apnea could be a possibility as well. But whatever the cause, it's never a bad idea to check in with a doctor to rule out anything serious.

I also agree that supplementing with caffine might not be such a good idea. Especially if you're experiencing some anxiety. I was supplemented with caffine when I started a new job and it only aggrivated my anxiety issues.

Hope you start feeling more energized. I can relate to constant fatigue. This summer I started experiencing panic attacks along with some other health problems and I have been completely drained.

The reason I'm here now is because before all that started I worked out regularly and I am eager to return to the swing of things.
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Default Re: Lack of Energy....need some feedback!

Vaberella how much WATER do you drink in an average day ? You should be drinking about a gallon a day. When the body gets dehydrated it loses optimum function. And one of the symptoms can be fatigue. Also a good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement and vitamin E are essetial to push energy levels up. Peace...
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