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Don't let a few minor setbacks get you down. I went back to school when I was 25, after getting married and buying a house. I know what you are feeling about having another large financial obligation. However, now is the time to do it. The faster you get your degree, the faster you will be on your way to a more successful life. I was extremely nervous about going back but realized that I had put it off long enough. If I wanted to create a good living situation for my wife (and children now), I needed to do whatever it took at the time. I am now 38 and realized that going back to school was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Also, my signature has two quotes that I try to remember throughout the day. It helps me stay focused to do the best I can at whatever I do.

Good luck with your career when you get your degree!

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Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and I love the quotes!! Losing my house is the scariest thing to me b/c I feel it's a huge accomplishment to have purchased it at my age, but I know with God by my side and the strength and determination he's given me, together we can do it. I may have to re-prioritize lifting and all that, but will eventually get back into it!!!

"I know God won't give me anymore than I can handle so I appreciate him thinking I'm this strong!!"
yes! god sets you no test that he KNOWS you cannot complete, remember your reaction determines your reward! i pray all works out and you come out kicking stronger and more -- hardcore!!


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As they say, that which does not kill us makes us stronger. Maybe a little extreme when we're talking about going back to school, but you get my point. I do believe that this is going to be a struggle, but will make me a much stronger, more rounded and better person!!

Pres -

Thanks for the awesome description. My fiance' is out of the army in Dec. and has been thinking of going to school for kinesiology, but is nervous. I've been encouraging him. He is unable to come to CA b/c the army will pay his tuition for a state school (his state of residence), which is IN. I've heard that Ball State has a wonderful program. Do you have any other recommendations or comments on that. Thank you for all you do on this site, not just w/BBing, but info. as above and your huge religious influence!!!
"The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is givnig up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself." ~ Anna Quindlen

My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and I glorify God in it by walking in divine healing and divine health. - I Cor. 6:19
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