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I am starting copying subjects that I am intersted in here because it is a pain in the * to reference, find something you looked at before... _150 posts is a long way to be able to just do that. anyway. such is life [...]


PCF ratios greatly depend on the individual, some bulk/cut much better with higher carbs or protein, etc. It just takes time to figure out what works for you. Personally I like 40/40/20 almost all around.

As for cycling on a cut, check this out:
Dieting is an extremely difficult equation. And Old School posted some advice within a post, that was very informative and deserves its own post! Its important to keep an open mind when dieting, and to find what works best with your physique. And will certainly help this.

Begin Quote

I think you can burn fat more effiecently by shocking your body into fat loss, just like you can when you are trying to grow. Personally, I feel really low carb diets work great, but after awhile the effectiveness of the fat burning slows down. I personally think your body can adapt to diets and the intended effects of it will lessen over time. I believe this to be true not only for working out but also for dieting!

I like to set mine up like this:

Week 1 and 2- Clean up the diet. Eliminate any junk or refined carbs, especially foods containing lots of simple sugars(except post-workout cause the insulin burst will be used to literally put nutrients back into your body at light speed!). Start adding in one or two 30 minute cardio sessions. Take 5 g of glutamine immediately before and after cardio sessions.

Week 3- Go for a ratio of 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% healthy fats. 3, 30 minute cardio sessions.

Week 4- 45% carbs, 35% protein, 20% fats. 3, 30 minute cardio sessions(switch aerobics around. If I was biking last week, then I'd jog this week)

Week 5- 40C, 40P, 20%F. Switch to HIIT aerobics. 2 sessions per week and 1 regular cardio session.

Week 6- 40C,40P,20F- Do two regular cardio sessions( both regular cardio sessions are diffenent types of cardio equipment) and 1 HIIT session this week.

Week 7 and 8- same ratio. But carb load on one or two days of the week. Same cardio as week 6.

Week 8 and up- stick with the same ratio, if you still have some stubborn flab, decrease carbs slightly, and up protein. You can also increase to another cardio session.
Also up your glutamine intakes to 30-40 grams per day if you can afford it starting in week 5.

If you take an ECA:
Switch on and off between one containing MuHang and caffeine, to one with no MuHang. Switch back and forth every time you take your ECA. Also starting in week 5 begin adding green tea to your ECA. And alternate week by week between green tea and black tea.

Also by week 7 and 8, I will begin taking supplements to help get rid of excess water under the skin.

End Quote

This is excellent, as many of you will find that the body does adapt quickly and does not burn fat with one diet, as efficiently as the weeks go on. I was talking to the Incredible Bulk on his last cut, and he said, that he was pissed because he cheated on his diet and stuffed himself.
Then a few days latter he wrote back and said, man, I actually ended out burning fat Jacob!

The reason why, is because he changed up his macronutrients, gave his body what it had been looking for, and boom his metabolic rate clicked back into gear! My opinion on the bodybuilding athlete, is that they should have superior metabolic rates. I dont buy, that one package of splenda can throw your diet out of whack. but rather if you are not burning fat, that you need to change things up! Never, ever stick with what doesnt work for you.If its stagnent, throw it out. If you ever hear of pro bodybuilding diets, from the athletes own mouths( not ghost written articles ) you will find that they each have different philosophies. You may respond best to low carb dieting, and Shawn Ray may resond best to higher carb dieting, Frank Zane may respond best to ketosis dieting, and Orville Burke may respond best to changing his ratios up. Ive discussed training and nutritional techniques with Victor Munez several times. I feel he is the best trainer in the Ifbb, he and charles Glass. And he will say the same thing. That every athlete is different. He cannot use the same diet for Victor Martinez that he uses with the 265 pound beast David Pruiit, or even when he trained Orville Burk he had to have a different diet for him. The point is to keep an open mind, and be willing to experiment with your body, and to learn it.

we are talking about the ratio of CALORIES you consume from each of these macronutrients, not the ratio of GRAMS, right?

Calories, yes.

"My body, my training is a flippin lifelong science project." óme

31yr 5'4"
Journey so far:
03/04=139.5lb (all time high)
06/04=122.0lb BF 21.5%
08/04=120.0lb BF 20.5%
09/04=119.0lb BF 18.5%

Goal (just like the olden days)=116lb BF=12%
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