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Old 08-06-2004, 09:44 PM
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Default First online training journal entry

So, I figure I will vent for a few. I am on a 5 day on, two day off workout schedule. I have been varying my workouts. This week was chest and arms on Monday, back and shoulders on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, Thursday cardio, and finish up on Friday with an overall for the weekend.
6"2, 225.

Working out at the local rec center becuase it is affordable @ 6:30/7 am. I have found that the older people in the gym this time of morning are cranky. They are always either talking in front of the equipment you need to use, talking over top of you while you are trying to lift, or wearing perfumes and colognes to distract.

I try to limit my workouts to an hour(sometimes a bit longer). I always wear an mp3 playing as loud as possible to drown out.
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