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Default Last week\'s workouts - comments welcome

Sunday did chest and tris:

Incline press: 260/12,285/10,300/8
Pec Dec Flyes: 210/14,210/14
One-armed db kickback: 45/10,45/10
cable pressdown: 180/12,180/10
hanging leg raise:20,20
incline sit-up (w/15 lb medicine ball): 30,30,30
side crunch: 25, 25
rev crunch:25

3.0 mile run

Monday - legs and calves:

squat: 410/12,410/12,410/12,410/12
lying leg curls: 90/12,90/12,90/12
leg extensions: 210/14,210/14
standing calf raises: 410/12, 410/12
good mornings: 165/12, 165/12

bicycle crunch: 30,30,30

run: 2.5 miles


run 5.5 miles

Wednesday - shoulders and traps:

Machine shoulder press: Machine shoulder press 210/12,220/10,230/8
Lateral cable raises 90/10,90/10,90/10
Upright rows 230/12,230/10
Shrugs 325/10,345/8
Hanging Leg raise 20,20
Incline sit-up w/ 15lb medicine ball 30,30,30
Side crunch 25,25
med. ball v-up 15/25

run 2.5 miles

Thursday: 5.5 mile run

Friday: Back and Biceps

Bent-over dumbbell row 115/12,115/10,115/8
wide-grip lat pull down: 210/12,210/12
cross-bench dumbbell pullover: 90/10,90/10
seated hammer curl: 40/10, 40/10
alternating db curl: 40/10,40/10
seated wrist curl: 115/12, 115/10
Hanging Leg raise 20,20
Incline sit-up w/ 15lb medicine ball 30
med. ball v-up 15/25,15/25
Side crunch 25,25
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Default Re: Last week\'s workouts - comments welcome

decent workouts....I wouldnt run that much though.
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