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Old 04-02-2003, 10:52 PM
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Default Feel so crappy....

I've been sick for a few days. Some thing the doctor said I have because of my ears. He gave me nasal spray and allegra. My throat is sore/itchy, my ears were hurting and were itchy, and I've had a fever and have been coughing up flem(snot). It's yuckie. It's not too horrible. I've been taking VC 3-4 times a day since I noticed I was getting sick. I was going to go ahead with my back/biceps day today, but I decided against it because I would rather get better. I'm just upset about missing a workout again. I missed Monday's because I stayed home (which was when I went to the doctors) and yesterday was my off day and I was still sick anyways, and then today. So last time I worked out was Sunday. And tomorrow I'm going in for my back/bis day, then Friday I have off again! (no way to get to the gym). It really sucks when getting sick ruins working out!

Not to mention that spring break I will be taking Friday, April 10-Thursday April 14 off as well! (my boyfriend is staying with me fo a few days, but I am not complaining! I'd take time off from training to spend time with him any day since we havent seen eachother since October!)

All I know is that after spring break I am going to go back in and kick butt! (hopefully I will be starting the 13-week beginning in May, which I can't wait for) And hopefully this is the last time I will be sick until winter hits again! I just hate hurting my gains.
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Old 04-03-2003, 02:31 AM
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Default Re: Feel so crappy....

I know how you feel, I'm in the same boat. But I decided to listen to my body and my logical half and take this whole week off from lifting and speed skating. So now hopefully by Sunday I'll be ready to kick butt at my speed skating meet. I'll also be taking another week off over spring break since I'll be visiting my family in PA.

Yep, you and me both will be raring to kick butt at the gym again! We just gotta hang in there til then! [img]/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
Old 04-03-2003, 02:42 AM
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Default Re: Feel so crappy....

Awww...poor sickies...

Feel better soon you guys...err...girls!
Old 04-03-2003, 09:19 AM
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Default Re: Feel so crappy....

If it's any consolation try to keep in mind that your metabolism has to go into overdrive in order to fight whatever virus or bacteria is causing your illness. So you still have the advantage of eating clean and keeping your metabolic rate up, even if you can't go to the gym.
Old 04-03-2003, 09:38 AM
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Default Re: Feel so crappy....

Well don't go near anyone that has been to Asia lately! This SARS is nasty. I'm supposed to be going to Australia in July, but the airline is now saying they will refund our tickets. If we do go they recommend that everyone wear masks!

I really want to go because it's my little brother's wedding!

But you all get well and rest up!
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Default Re: Feel so crappy....

What airline are you flying? Is it because it's an international flight?

My whole family is scheduled for a cruise in May and we'll be flying from Newark to San Juan- should I be checking out alternate means of transportation? [img]/forum/images/graemlins/ooo.gif[/img]
Old 04-03-2003, 10:14 AM
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Default Re: Feel so crappy....

I've been lucky this year...no sickies for me! I did delay my 13 weeks by a day cuz of this nasty cut on my leg...needed antibiotics and a tetanus shot! Got it in the Dominican Republic....it was me &amp; too much rum versus a beach chair and I lost!
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