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Old 03-22-2003, 06:32 PM
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Default how long \'til goal is met?

I've been playing around a bit the last couple months with lifting weights and eating right; I lost about 10 pounds (now at 122), gained some muscle, and surely lost some body fat. Measured for the first time a couple weeks ago and was about 17% BF. Starting Monday, a friend and I plan to really go for it, eating right and lifting hard.

Okay, so the question is this: how long would/should/could it take to hit my goal of 13% BF? Or perhaps that is too far of a goal and I should first go for 15%, then go again for 13%? Just looking for a ballpark figure here.

Old 03-22-2003, 08:27 PM
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Default Re: how long \'til goal is met?

I suppose it depends on you, your routine, and your diet. You should look at the 13 week hardcore fat burning diet and workout posted on this site - as well as look at Krypto's journal. I wouldn't think that it would take too long to lose the fat - you may also gain some muscle as well.
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Default Re: how long \'til goal is met?

it depends..although your goal seems very realistic. Keep workin' hard. Also you may wanna shoot for some short term goals on the way to your major fitting into a old pair of jeans or something.
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Default Re: how long \'til goal is met?

Theoretically, if you could get your nutrition just right to where you are losing 1% body fat per week, then it should take 4 weeks. But unfortunately it usually doesn't work that way. The leaner you get, the slower it is to lose, more like 1/2% of bodyfat per week. And it does depend on many factors such as the others have said. If you can keep losing steadily, 1/2 - 1% of bodyfat per week, without hitting a plateau, then 2 months tops and you should be at your goal. Make sense? [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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Default Re: how long \'til goal is met?

Thanks to all. Makes a lot of sense. I do have some clothes I'd like to see fit a little better, so that will help with short-term goals. Unfortunately, though, I measured again today and am pretty sure I didn't measure right the first time: now it says I'm at about 19.5% BF, which seems more realistic to me. Oh well... the only place I can start from is where I am, right? Look out, summer, here I come!
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