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Default nutrition help please

hi there! i'm a recovering bulimic and i've really packed on the pounds! i'm currently 250 and i seem to be gaining everyday. but the good part of this (i think) is that i'm dropping inches and body fat. so my problem is simple. how do i eat like a normal, bodybuilding athlete? i feel helpless when it comes to food.

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Default Re: nutrition help please

I am also a recovering bulimic and find that the nutrition aspect of body building helps me avoid those panic attacks that come from over eating.

The small frequent meals allow for your body to feed, and for the most part I can control the purging although every now and then it does happen although now those instances are few and far between, and always occur after I have allowed myself to have a "free meal".

I can also undrstand you frustration at seeing the scale reach 250lbs, mine reached 200 last january when i realized that I needed to change my life. I have since dropped from a size 22 to a 14,I still have a way to go but i'm getting there.

As for what to eat,it is actually and individual thing for each person although there are some rules that will help you plan your meals.

1-eat at least 6 times a day
2-learn how much a portion of food is and eat that amount, no seconds or a little bit extra
3-drinks lots of water, in between meals,with meals, always have it with you.

As for an example of a meal plan mine is as follows, this will give you and idea of the types of foods you can eat. You will also have to adjust your plan around work/school it doesn't always work out perfect but do the best you can

meal one
4 egg whites
1 whole wheat wrap
1 whey shake
1 tbsp flax oil

meal two
1 whey protein
1/2 cup yogurt
1 tbsp flax oil

meal three
1 chicken breast
1 cup green beans

meal four
1 whey protein
1/2 cup yogurt
1 tbsp flax oil

pre work out
2 melba toast

post work out
2 whey protein
1/2 carb powder

meal six
1/2 cup cottage cheese

total Protein=179.21 Carb=110.7 Fat=61
calories 1708.64

I have a snack before work out because there is a long time between my third meal and post workout due to my work schedule, i also take shakes to work because it's just easier.

I hope this helps you, and good luck I know you can do it!
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