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Old 08-25-2002, 09:40 AM
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Default I need some feedback!

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine the other day and she was talking about how things shift as you get older. She is in her 50's and I am 28. Of course I believe in weight training all the way and the benefits of the lifestyle. I also believe that you can stop the middle age spread and shifting of body parts through weight training. DOes anyone have an opinion on this? One of the big reasons I am so in to this is to prevent my body from doing what my friend was describing! I think it is the fountain of youth so to speak. I have seen older women who look incredible! Do they just have great genetics? Or is it due to hard earned time hitting the weights? What do ya'll think?
Old 08-25-2002, 10:21 AM
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Default Re: I need some feedback!

I never started weight training or any exercise until I was 40 I was 45 pounds overweight (I'm 42 now) and according to my husband I have never looked better. I really think that you can stop the midlife spread and even get rid of it with a clean diet and exercise and of course WEIGHT LIFTING. I just wish I could get everyone who tells me how great I look, to do what I have done instead of saying they are to old (no excuse)! Right now I am looking a a bodybuilding show next spring(still have to get those lower abs in shape).

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Default Re: I need some feedback!

(guys point of few, physically only)
Good eating and trainning can make you look and feel alot better at any age. i was the fat kid for about 15 years, i'm 16 now, alot stronger and thinner and never felt better.
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Default Re: I need some feedback!

I'm with you BigRed..... I truly believe that if we continue doing what we do (exercise, healthy diet etc) then YES we'll stay slim, fit and good looking until we die.....

It's our choice, it's our life and body. WE decide how we gonna look. That's absolutely NOTHING to do with age.

Another thing, one of the main reasons why we women have a slower metabolism than men is that we don't have as much lean muscle mass (but a lot more fat!) Now if we change that..... We get leaner and with beautiful toned (!!) curves and then we'll be able to eat that chocolate pie or that cheese cake once in a while without being afraid of wakening up tomorrow morning with hips ten times wider than our shoulders......
You see? Exercising and following this great life style will let us be able to enjoy living a lot more.....

It's OUR choice how you gonna look or feel.......
Les victoires éternelles sont celles du coeur.

STAY STRONG!!! xxx Nina xxxxx
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