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Old 08-05-2002, 07:23 AM
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Default journal for ementz, condensed, comments plz

If anyone takes the time to read all of this and respond, Thanks ahead of time.
as of june 7,02.
40yr old male
ectomorph, 6.5"wrists
accurate body measurements coming shortly. But approx. by clothes size, chest 42", waist 31" everthing else fairly well proportioned, 'cept thighs slightly behind as usual.

Short term goals: 160+lbs and ~12-13%BF by Jan.03.
And here's the plan for accomplishing that end. This will be a completely new program for me, from my typical push/pull/leg split I've done in various fashions since back in the day.
Now it gets complicated. Due to my jacked up schedule, I can't "schedule" W/O's on say specific days so what I plan on doing is getting a W/O in every 60-72 hours, somewhere in the last part of the third day. I've arranged two W/O's, I'll alternate each one, every W/O. I'll do this for two reasons, first I feel it extends the amount of time before my muscles will adapt to the W/O, second, it breaks up the monotony for me, mentally.
So it'll look like this:
W/O #1
HST excercises; first two weeks two sets of 15upperbody/20lowerbody, 2wks 10u/15l, 2wks 8u/12l, 2wks6u/10, significant weight increases as reps decline plus each W/O adds 5-10lbs/set.
pullups or cable pulldowns, depending on equip avail.
bench crunches 2sets to failure
Target work, (###/###) designates superset,
8&6 reps failing weight.
leg extensions/leg curls
incline press/decline flies
decline "Hammer" rows
cable rows wide grip
seated Arnold DB press/seated DB alt. hammer curls
seated DB tricep extension
preacher curls/skullcrushers, varied grip each W/O
2sets to failure each
standing calf raises
seated calf raises
behind the back wrist curls/heavy holds(15sec failing weight)
slam a post W/O shake!
W/O #2
HST work
leg press
flat DB press
incline "Hammer" rows
decline bench ab work
target work
one leg ext./one leg curl
DB shrugs
one arm DB row
DB lateral raises/reverse incline DB rear lateral raises
curlbar cable curls/tricep cable pushdowns (narrow grip)
curlbar cable curls/tricep cable pushdowns (wide grip)
2set to failure
bench crunches
standing calf raises
seated calf raises
Slam a Shake!
Diet will follow JW's 24 W/O bulk
currently it looks like this
meal 1
2-3eggs/slice of ham or smoked lean pork chop
1-1 1/2 cup oatmeal
glass milk
1/2 hr later an Animal Pak(multi vit/min supp)
meal 2 or pre-workout, depending on schedule may not be early part of the day. 1hr pre-W/O
1/2-3/4cp oatmeal
3/4 cp low fat cottage cheese
2 EFA softgels
3tb spoons Amino1850
1/2hr later an Animal Stak
3tb spoons Amino1850
Post W/O shake
two scoops softened ice cream
20oz milk or Sobe Power punch
1 1/2 scoops ON whey
5g Glutamine
meal 3, 1 1/2-2hrs hr post W/O
Ham or tuna and provolone sandwich on honey oat whole grain bread w/ spicy mustard and 1/2cp LF cottage cheese.
half chicken breast with seasoned greenbeans and 1/2 cup LF cottage cheese.
both with a protien shake of 1 scoop ON whey, 1-1 1/2 cp milk and scoop of ice cream and 5g Glutamine. Mmmmm, yes a second intentional insulin spike post W/O, too push nutrients still in my bloodstream into the cells and assure my body is enroute to positive protien balance and synthesis.
meals 4,5 and occasionally 6 look like this
Steak med rare or 1-2 half chicken breast or 2-3 slices of lean pork loin or Salmon/fish fillets
1cp veggies
1 1/2-2 cps brown rice, yams or whole wheat pasta
milk or water
bedtime-3tb spoons Amino1850
Also I drink atleast 8-10 20oz bottle/glasses of water throughout the day.
I will be upping my cal's slowly by increasing portion sizes of the same foods.
Well thats FINALLY it, whatya think?

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Old 08-06-2002, 05:43 AM
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ementz should change his/her status!
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Default Re: journal for ementz (comments welcomed)

havn't been working out(5weeks now, yuk), been working too much OT. 24hrs OT/week. $$$!
started a maintainance/preconditioning W/O in my apt. yesterday. started with sissy squats 2-20 and then did front squats with a 50 weight(it's a counter weight from a large scale) quads are feeling effects today after not being in the gym for so long. everything else just feeling tighter but it's not sore, :-(.
I will continue this until tues. next week. and then I'll be kicking a** and taking names, and I aint bringing a pencil either! Can't wait, I'll be **** glad when this OT's done.
I'm not gonna start the Animal Stak until after 7-10days back to the gym wanna be in Animal mode when I start. Animal Pak is feeling good tho.
Vegetarian: Indian word for Lousy Hunter.
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