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Old 07-10-2002, 12:33 AM
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Default Trying to get this bulking diet on the road.

Today I had it alittle easier in getting more calories, but definitely I would like to be around 3000-3500calories a day by next week.
Today i ate:
Meal1 Raisin Brand/milk O.J.
Meal2 hamburger(lean as i could get)H.bun, cottage cheese
Meal3 Pineapple, proteinshake, green beans
Meal4 (was at work, found whatever i could healthy enough) Peanut butter/jelly pizza
Meal5 Chicken breast, protein shake

Total Calories 2748 Protein 175.. (20g less then yeserday but about 400 calories more today

Any suggestions, thoughts?
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Old 07-10-2002, 05:44 AM
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Default Re: Trying to get this bulking diet on the road.

I would like to see a protein shake with your breakfast. And Id also like to see some leafy green veggies with meal. Other than that, it looks good
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Default Re: Trying to get this bulking diet on the road.

Yeah, defenietly a shake with breakfast. In fact I drink a shake first thing when I wake up with about 3 big glasses of water and some multi-vitamins/minerals. With a huge scoop of glutamine and creatine. Then I get ready or whatever and eat the rest of my breakfast after that.
Cortisol is so high when you first wake up, your bod needs the nutrients right away!
Then I recommend lots of carbs. Breakfast I carb load on a bulk. So maybe cereal or oatmeal with some toast with Peanut Butter on it. And some milk or OJ.

A easy meal to pack is a triple decker PB and Jelly sandwich(and good [img]/forum/images/icons/grin.gif[/img] ). What you do is take three pieces of bread. Put 2 tbls of PB on two of the slices, then put jelly on both sides of the other piece and put them together. Its a quick 600 calories and a good source of protein and healthy fats. The jelly has lots of sugar so eat it earlier in the day.
Slug it down with some milk.

Good luck!
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