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Wednesday - Quads 7, Back 12

Stretched: Left Hip adductor, Right Calve, Hamstring and Glute
Activated: Left Glute, Right Hip adductor

Squat - I was weaker today, it could be because I have overdone the deadlifts recently or because I used a bigger bar pad, thus shifting the emphasis more to the quads, but likely a combination of both. Still got work done.

295x8, 3 sets
275 x 7+6 rest pause
245 x 8+7 rest pause
225 x 9+8 rest pause
135 x 15

Row (neutral grip)
75x8, 2 sets
75x10, 2 sets

Short Bar Row
50x12, 3 sets

Pendlay Barbell Row
135x8, 4 sets

* I forgot how much I like the Pendlay row. I think it is superior to a regular barbell row. Resting the bar for a brief moment on the ground takes the stress of the lower back, and really forces the back to contract hard to initiate the movement again. My whole back was lit up after 5 sets of this.

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