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I liked Saturday's workout enough to do it again! : ) ...With a few modifications.

Monday - Chest 17/Delts 2/Triceps 5

* Some band pullaparts worked in

Bench - kept it lighter (but not light), tried to dominate each rep explosively
207.5, 217.5, 227.5x4
187.5x8, 4 sets

Bench - 2 board
137.5x10, 3 sets

Close Grip
135x10, 2 sets

Bench 1 and 1/4 reps (down all the way, back up, down partial and back up is one rep)
97.5x10, 3 sets

Rolling Tricep Extension
80x12, 12, 11

Overhead Press (top half, only lowering to nose)
80x12 strict +3 push press
80x10 strict +5 push press

Decline Skullcrusher/Pullover Hybrid
60x11, 11

Note to self: Maybe superset last few bench sets with rear delt work

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