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Default Utilize your natural response

may not express this correctly. I'd recommend reading some of the papers in the Journal section of ABC. But, I'll give you a brief glimpse at my thinking.

Two hormones are major players in bodybuilding: cortisol (catabolic) and insulin (anabolic). Your body will natural be pushing both into your bloodstream after 30 to 40 minutes of strenuous effort.

Carb loading works for endurance athletes, but bodybuilding isn't usually an endurance activity. I'd suggest limiting carbs and fat within two hours of working out, and take in mainly protein.

I would suggest taking in carbs and protein post-workout anywhere from immediately to within 60 minutes post. A ratio of 3:1 or 4:1 (carbsrotein) seem to be ideal. The insulin your body has produced is like a shuttle bus with a speed pass through cell membranes. If you have a lot of carbs (sugars) in your blood, insulin transports them into your cells. That can replenish glycogen stores, but extra would end up being stored as fat. Wouldn't build muscle. If you have protein in your blood, insulin transports that into your cells. That would build muscle.
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