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Time to start leaning out. I've been adding some HIIT cardio into my routine, and doing short but intense workouts.


Workout 1: Crossfit

Deadlifts superset with Sit Ups - 7 sets (5/5/5/5/5/5/5 for deadlifts and 15/15/15/15/15/15/15 for sit ups). Use the same weight across all sets. I performed one warm-up set.

5 Rounds for time of:

5 Strict Pullups
10 Hand Release Push Ups
5 Left/5 Right Pistol Squats

Upon completion of all 5 rounds perform 20 burpees

Workout 2: Chest/Triceps/Calves

Barbell Bench Press - 4 sets (12/10/10/8)

Barbell Incline Bench Press - 3 sets (12/10/8)

Incline Dumbbell Flyes - 3 sets (12/10/8)

Tricep Pushdowns with Resistance Tubing - 4 sets (15/15/15/15). Use a heavy tube, alternate supinated grip and pronated grip each set.

Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extensions - 4 sets (12/10/10/8). Use two dumbbells, keep strict form.

Standing Dumbbell One-Arm Overhead Tricep Extension - 3 sets (12/10/10).

Standing Barbell Calf Raises - 5 sets (12/12/12/12/12). Use the same weight, go heavy. I used a barbell in the squat rack while standing on two 45-lb plates.

Seated Calf Raises - 5 sets (20/20/20/20/20). I performed seated barbell calf raises, using the same bar and weight as the standing calf raises.

Workout 3: Cardio

60-seconds on, 60-seconds off for 20-minutes on the Rowing machine for max distance.
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