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I've been experimenting to find the smallest effective dose for some muscle groups so I can dedicate more time to weaker bodyparts. I only did 6 sets for hamstrings on Saturday but they are still sore today, 4 days later.

Today I dropped the quads down to 7 sets from 8 last week.

Wednesday - Quads 7, Hamstrings 3, Traps 8, Triceps 4

Lying Leg Curl w/ calve stretch
120x15, 3 sets

Squat (PR is 320x9, getting closer to that)
300x8, 2 sets
260 x 7+6 rest pause
240 x 8+7 rest pause
225 x 8+8 rest pause

Sissy Squat
BWx10 - slow negative, emphasize the stretch

Leg Extension
110x8 drop 95x5, 80x5, 70x4+1, 55x3

* I don't enjoy switching gears this much. I thought I could do it, but trying to do arms after blasting out some hard squats just sucks. It doesn't make sense physiologically, it should be easier to do a small muscle group, but I could keep doing sets of leg curls and leg extensions no problem.

Tricep Rope Pressdown w/ DB Hammer

Close Grip Bench - stopping 6 inches off chest
95x10, 3 sets

Free Motion Tricep OH Ext

* I have been slightly crazy, tacking on arms to each workout. I am motivated by some crazy people like CT Fletcher and Rich Piana. CT said it was his obsession and he trained arms everyday for 1.5 years! Rich said for the last 12 years he has done 3 dedicated arm workouts per week! And you look at other guys with freak bodyparts and how they trained with insane volume and/or frequency. Tom Platz' legs is a great example.

I don't care for CT's method only because I am trying it right now and doing arms after legs sucks. Maybe I could see having the mental energy for 1 exercise at the very end. So I am actually leaning toward Rich Piana's method. I have recently pared down my legs, chest and delt training to fairly low volumes, and I could probably reduce back slightly too. It would probably be something along the lines of:

Monday: Chest/Delt (or Chest/Delt/Back)
Tuesday: Arms
Wednesday: Legs (more quad)
Thurday: Arms
Friday: Back (or Chest/Delt/Back)
Saturday: Arms (maybe some hamstrings)
Sunday: Rest

I am not getting any younger and it may not work. But it is sure worth a try to finally see if I can get some decent arms. The worse that can happen is I don't progress on arms because I "overtrain" them. Everything should easily be at least maintained with the volume they receive.

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