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I have been doing less pressing because I am trying to make my chest more aesthetically pleasing by hitting it with more dips and fly motions. The downside is that I think my triceps may be loosing a bit of size without the heavy pressing.

Got to find the compromise.

Monday - Chest 7, Delts 5, Traps 4, Triceps 9

* Band Pullaparts between many sets

Dips - allowing full scapula protraction to really contract the pecs
BWx14, 11, 9 (w/ band pullaparts)

Incline DB Press (w/ band rows) - supinate at bottom for stretch and pronate as you contract
50x8, 3 sets

Free Motion Decline Chest Press - NOS set (supinate at bottom and pronate as you contract)
70x9 drop 60x5, 50x6, 40x6

OH Press (w/ band pullaparts)
145x8, 5 sets

Snatch Grip Olympic Deadlift/Shrug
255x8, 2 sets
260x8, 2 sets

Floor Press
115x15, 125x10, 3 sets
105x10 drop 85x8, 65x9, 45x10 + partials

* I like floor press, but even with hands slightly offset and a 2.5 pounder on my left side, I still felt it more in my right side with is already the dominant tricep.

* May have to do these with dumbbells

Free Motion OH Extension
4 sets (2 with 60 and 2 with 50)

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