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Decided to deviate slightly from my program today and just focus on arms. Great workout! The pump is insane! I definitely feel like I'm making more progress.


Tricep Pushdowns with Rope - 10 sets (10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10). Increase the weight every two sets, even if you have to rest/pause towards the end.

Standing Cable Curls - 10 sets (10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10). Same technique as above. These first two exercises were your warm-up!

One-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl - 2 sets (to failure). Do as many reps as you can, even getting assistance from a workout partner. If no partner, perform partial reps when you can no longer do full reps. Once you can't move the dumbbell, you're done.

Seated Upright Barbell Overhead Tricep Extensions - 4 sets (to failure). Set a lofty rep goal and try to reach it. Increase the weight each set!

T-Curl - 2 sets (to failure). Set up a medium incline (45 degree) bench and grab a couple of dumbbells. With your hands in a neutral position and your arms rotated out towards the side, curl (hammer style) up to your shoulders. Increase the weight for the next set.

Lying Dumbbell Extensions - 2 sets (40/40). Yes, that's 40 reps each set. Lay down on your back and place the dumbbell on one pec. Grip the weight and with your elbow splayed out, extend the dumbbell over your chest. Increase the weight for the next set.

3-Position Chin-Ups - 3 sets (10/10/10). Minimize your rest. Go neutral grip, close underhand and wide underhand.

Under Bar Triceps Extension - 2 sets (to failure). Lean against a fixed bar (I used the Smith Rack) and use your body weight to lower your head under the height of the bar with your head between your arms, then perform a triceps extension. Go to failure.

Triceps Gauntlet - 1 pyramid set (200 reps). Here's how this works. Select 5 pairs of dumbbells and line them up. Perform a set of 20 lying skull crushers with the lightest weight, then without rest grab the next pair of dumbbells and repeat another 20 reps. Do this until you reach 100 reps (5 sets). Then start over but in reverse order, using the heaviest dumbbells first. Great pump!

Joe "Yu Yevon" King

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