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Excellent workout today, I felt really pumped!


Barbell Bench Press - 5 sets (30/8/6/4/2). Perform a drop set on the last set here. Start stripping the weight off little by little and do as many reps as you can before dropping weight again. I dropped 4 times.

Barbell Incline Bench Press - 5 sets (30/8/6/4/2).

Dumbbell Flyes superset with Dumbbell Pullovers - 5 sets (30/8/6/4/2 for both).

Chin Ups - 4 sets (each set to failure). Do as many reps as you can without dropping down. Once you lose your grip and fall, count that as one set.

Bent Over Barbell Row superset with T-Bar Rows - 5 sets (30/8/6/4/2). Go heavy!

Hanging Leg Raises - 5 sets (25/25/25/25/25).
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