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All right, it's been a couple of days since I updated. Wednesday night I was working so I chose a rest day - a rare one, since I did not do any martial arts practice either. Though I did work on my flexibility routine in the morning.

Thursday (yesterday) I did Chest and Triceps, focusing on Bench Press and Incline Bench Press, and supersetting Dumbbell flyes with Dumbbell bench presses after that. For triceps I did close grip bench presses and French presses. After that I had a session in the dojo where we mostly practiced a very basic, but at the same time the most complicated, throw. I pulled a muscle in my lower back here - I have no idea how- and it hurt all night and most of today.

Tonight my back was better, almost cured, so I did a nice Back/Shoulders/Traps routine. For back I did wide grip chins and barbell rows. Shoulders started off with Upright presses supersetted with Military Presses, followed by Arnold presses, strip sets of dumbbell laterals, and finally dumbbell shrugs, also with strip sets.

Body feels good! Nice to be back pumping weights.
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