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Default The Ninja Bodybuilder

Some ten years ago I was focusing all of my attention and free time on bodybuilding. I was never big, but I enjoyed bulking and even more I enjoyed crazy and intense workout sessions. In 2005 I started practicing classical Japanese martial arts, and as the months and years went on my priorities shifted and I had no time for building muscle. In 2007 I met the man who a few years later, after I had shown enough dedication, took me as his student. He is one of very few people in the world who is a direct disciple in the lineage from Japan, and that is where he currently lives.

I am 100% dedicated to my martial art practice, but I have felt a longing to get back into the gym all this time. But alas, there was no time - because any time I could spend lifting weights, I could use for perfecting my sword technique or kicking.

Last year I got my own dojo (training hall), and it's in the same building where I live. Jackpot. And here's a bonus - I made one room into a gym. Still a work in progress, but it has free weights and a bench. What more could one need?

So now I have, since last week, began a bulk that I hope to record faithfully here. For old times' sake But I will also write about the martial arts that I practice, which is very different from what most people are used to. So I hope that this journal will be an interesting read for at least someone else than myself

All right! Let's get to it! Or, to quote Ronnie Coleman - "Yeah buddy!"
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