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Default Shoulder problem

I have no idea what caused this, but I have a problem with my left shoulder.

When I started lifting again in October last year, there wasn't a problem. I was very careful not to do behind the neck presses or Pulldowns. I had no problem doing squats.

Just after Christmas, I got a bad cold, which kept me out of the gym for a week. When I started back, I noticed that when I got under the bar on the squat rack, that there was a pain in my left shoulder as I brought it up to grasp the bar. I thought maybe I had injured something, but it didn't affect anything else,
I laid off squats for a week and used the 45 degree leg press more. When I tried to squat a week or so later, the pain was excruciating. I've been on creatine, and I added glucosamine, chondriotin and MSM.

It doesn't seem to affect anything else really. I get a slight pain when I do incline bench as the bar almost gets to my chest. I sometimes get some slight pain when I lie on it in bed.

I had a knee problem last year and got an X-Ray and I was told that I have no osteoporosis or arthritis, so I must have injured something, somehow.

The pain seems to be in my anterior deltoid, I get some pain now when I put on a T-Shirt or my jacket, not bad pain, but that position as my arm comes up to the bar on the squat rack is excruciating, and it's so bad now, I can't do squats.

I have an appointment with an osteopath doctor on Thu, but doctors usually make things worse, not better!

Has anyone else experienced any shoulder pain like this? Anyone got a fix?
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