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Wednesday - Deadlifts

* Back has been good since last tweaking on April 4th

Pre-session: Calves and Hip Adductor stretching

Lying Leg Curl w/ more calve stretching
105x15, 15, 15

Leg Extension w/ more hip adductor stretching
75x15, 15, 15

Squat - felt really easy, I may just be imagining it, but I think higher rep sets are getting easier partially due to the HIIT bike sprints
230x10, 3 sets

Romanian Deadlift - just tapping at the bottom, keeping tension on hamstrings
230x10, 250x10
270x10, 2 sets
280x10, 2 sets

140x17, 15, 13 - basically went until lats couldn't keep the bar close to my legs

Hang Clean
140x5, 2 sets

Lying Leg Curl
110x12, 95x7, 80x6 drop set
(on different machine - 80x10, 70x7, 60x6 drop set)

Leg Extension
85x15, 3 sets

HIIT Bike Sprints 2x14 seconds (46 seconds active rest), level 19

James 1:16-17 ESV
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