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Last week my back workout started well and ended pretty crappy. Today went great, I found some TRX straps at the gym I went to, so I could do my levers and "ring" rows just like at home.

Tuesday - Back - Lat Focus, Delts, Biceps, Abs

Front Lever holds w/ Upright cable rows, 42.5x12, 3 sets

Ring Row, BWx9, 9, 8 w/ Tricep Rope Pushdown 42.5x15 and w/ Upright cable rows, 3 sets

One Arm Barbell Row, 90x8, 8, 10, 10 w/ V-BarTricep Pushdowns 57.5x15, 60x15, 3 sets

Stretchers on MTS Hammer High Row
70 each side x 3 sets - reps aren't important, really feeling the stretch is, but I got about 7 or 8 reps each set

Parallel Grip Low Row - had to mess around to find the right grip and weight, but once I found it the contraction was sweet, I use momentum on this one and really arch the back and pull low to light up the lower lats
57.5x12, 5 sets - really focusing on a hard contraction
w/ Slide outs and Fixed Bar Tricep OH Extension

Bike Sprints
2x15 at level 17 (seat 8)

Cheated Lat Pulldowns, 135x7 or 8, 4 sets
w/ Preacher Curls 40x18, 13, 11

* Great workout, only exercise I don't care for is the Lat Pulldown machine at this gym, it feels too easy when you start the pull and too hard when you finish, the exact opposite of the backs strength curve. I prefer my plate loaded lat pulldown machine at home. There is a plate loaded machine at the gym I may have to give it a try. If I like the plate loaded machine that works out great because it is closer to the preacher bench.

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