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Originally Posted by rickck48 View Post
Hey Commander how is your back coming? Man I see back pain and I really get nervie for somebody.
Going well, I know how to handle it, it is just a matter of being diligent and keeping up with proper stretching and warmups.

Thanks for asking.

Wednesday - Deadlifts

* Since I just tweaked by back on Monday, I decided to do a few things to protect my lower back:

1. Stretched Calves intensely - Why? Lack of dorsiflexion causes compensation elsewhere in the squat which can lead to butt wink

2. Stretched Hip Adductors - Why? Tight hip adductors directly pull on the pelvis to create butt wink, further, we want to be able to push our legs out to engage the glutes and tight hip adductors make that more difficult

3. Pre-exhausted Quads and Hamstrings - Why? I am not a powerlifter, I don't care about hitting massive weights (although I do believe in progressive overload, it's just that the actual number doesn't matter to me), further, my muscles only know about the tension on them not the number on the bar. By pre-exhausting my thighs, my lower back was still fresh when I got to squats. I moved less weight because my thighs were tired. So less weight + fresh lower back = safe squatting.

Pre-session: Calves and Hip Adductor stretching, plus some bodyweight lunges to dynamically loosen up hip flexors

Lying Leg Curl w/ more calve stretching
105x15, 15

Leg Extension w/ more hip adductor stretching
75x15, 15

225x10, 3 sets

Romanian Deadlift - just tapping at the bottom, keeping tension on hamstrings
225x10, 2 sets
245x10, 1 set
265x10, 1 set
275x10, 2 sets

135x17, 15, 12 - basically went until lats couldn't keep the bar close to my legs

Hang Clean
135x5, 2 sets

Leg Curl
80x10, 70x7, 60x6 drop set

Leg Extension
75x15, 3 sets

HIIT Bike Sprints 2x14 seconds (46 seconds active rest), level 16

All in All, less time spent traveling translated into:
Bike Sprints
Some extra isolation work for quads and hamstrings

James 1:16-17 ESV
Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights
With God's help...Mens sana in corpore sano

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