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I went back and reviewed what I was doing when I was hitting bench PR's and squat/deadlift PR's. This was in July 2013 and November 2013.

Regarding legs, I wasn't doing anything different, the reason I am so far from PR range right now is because I keep messing up my lower back. It is really irritating because I never used to have lower back pain, occasional knee pain, but not lower back. I guess I am getting inflexible in my old age, lol.

Regarding upperbody, I was doing somethings differently and it may have impacted the leg days.

Back in 2013 I was...

1. Doing less overall back work, I was not doing the dedicated back day that I have been doing for the last couple months. Back obviously supports bench and leg day and a fatigued back will lead to less PR's.

2. Doing more power cleans - strengthens upperback and stretches hamstrings in the eccentric phase

3. Doing more bent rows - helping strengthen lower back plus keep the hamstrings stretched isometrically

4. Doing more goblet carries - strengthens core, helps hypertrophy the chest and front delts with the unusually high time under tension

5. Doing more pushups, lately I have been doing more fixed bar extensions which is great for the long head of the tricep, but doesn't translate over to bench press the way a pushup does.

I think the bent rows and power cleans helped keep my lower back strong and my hamstrings looser which contributed to better leg days. Looser hamstrings prevents butt wink (losing lower back arch) which kills your lower back when you are handling heavy weights.

I need to be careful in reintroducing them since I just hurt my back again on Saturday.

Saturday - Legs

Leg Curl - 3 sets

270x8, 7, 7
240x7+6 (on the 6th rep, I felt a "pop" in the lower back)

I was working without a belt, stupid of me, I should have just used it to be safe.

* Had to modify workout after the back pain

Leg Extension superset with Walking Lunges
Leg Curl with Walking Lunges

V-Squat machine (really light)

Bike Sprints

Monday - Incline Bench/Upper back

* Cable Upright/High Row Hybrid 61x10 between many bench sets as well

Ring Dips
BWx10, 10, 10

Incline Bench Press w/ Power Cleans 150x4
247.5 x 1
217.5 x 8, 6, 6
202.5 x 7 + 4 rest pause
182.5 x 8 + 5 rest pause

Goblet Carry, 85 pound dumbbell x 45 to 60 seconds
Long Pause Incline Bench 182.5x3
Power Clean 150x5

Explosive Paused Pushups BWx15, 15, 12
Power Clean 150x5

Finished with:
OH Press
Fixed Bar OH Extensions
Ab Bench OH Extensions - 10-15 partials and iso-holds, 3 sets

* Power cleans felt good, no lower back pain. I tried some bent rows but they felt "iffy".
I Need to work on the end of this workout, I was disorganized and couldn't decide what to do.

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