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Great workout today, although I moved through it a little slower than I would like.


Flat Bench Press - 5 sets (30/12/10/8/6). Go high reps the first set, then add weight each round.

Incline Bench Press - 5 sets (30/12/10/8/6). Same as above.

Dumbbell Flyes superset with Dumbbell Pullovers - 5 sets (30/12/10/8/6 for both). Same technique here. This is an awesome combo! I highly recommend giving it a shot!

Wide-Grip Chin Ups - 4 sets (each set to failure). Full range of motion here. This is a wide (wider than shoulders) and supinated (palms facing you) grip.

Bent Over Barbell Row superset with Bent Over Dumbbell Row - 5 sets (30/12/10/8/6 for both). Another great combo.

Hanging Leg Raises - 5 sets (25/25/25/25/25). My grip was pretty much done at this point, so I had to rest/pause my way through.

20-minutes on the bike
20-minutes on the elliptical
Joe "Yu Yevon" King

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