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Hey we donít have to wait for me...Please feel free to hijack this anytime. I just write when i have a free moment, I love knowledge and love to learn about all religions. I am up for any direction any of these scriptures may lead us. I put no limitations on God whatsoever! Nor anything else that i could not possibly know all about. I just love discussion. I love that you know some Hebrew Touchstone. I am still pondering "man" in v26 is 'zakar.' The literal translation includes "the remembering one." I love things that make me think...I love that you posted this. WOW!!! Off to think about it be back with more to write soon

rickck48 What do you think the days are that God speaks of? Our day is based on how long it takes our planet to rotate and our year on how long it takes us to circle our star. So if God has created all then he either made the center from which he concludes his time from or he is the center. So would that make his days like light years or would it be a literal day in the time of man? This one is just a thinker...opinions will rule our answers but I am excited to see what we come up with for this!
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