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Thursday - Deadlifts

* Took awhile warming up to protect my lower back

206, 226, 256, 276, 306x5
326x5, 5 sets - on fifth set lower back was a bit twingy
306x5, 5 sets

Romanian Deadlift - just tapping at the bottom, keeping tension on hamstrings
256x10, 4 sets

120x17, 15, 12 - basically went until lats couldn't keep the bar close to my legs

Leg Extension - all sets isotension at the end

Leg Curl
20 (+chain) x 10, 3 sets

ss w/

Sissy Squats
BWx10, 3 sets

* Back is LIT up from such a high volume of deadlifts, hamstrings feel pretty sore as well

Friday - Arms, Misc.

* Been a month since doing a dedicated arm workout

A1) DB Hammer
29.5x12, 4 sets

A2) V-Bar Pressdown - really focused on squeezing the contraction
61x15, 61x15, 71x12, 81x9

B1) Preacher Curl
50x13, 13, 13

B2) V-Bar Pressdown - first 10 reps focused on squeeze, last 5 used some momentum
66x15, 15, 15, 15

C1) Explosive OH Press 90x18, 3 sets

C2) Band Curl, 3 sets

C3) Lat Pulldown, 91x10

D1) Fixed Bar OH Tricep Extension 4 sets (50 total reps)

D2) Barbell Curl, 50x8, 6, 6 - explosive contraction

E) AB Bench OH Extension - 32.5 x pulsing reps and iso holds, 5 sets

* Left arm (my smallest) closing in on 17 inches pumped.

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