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Originally Posted by Ohnooze View Post
So I'm not in very good shape at all but I'm working on changing that.

One thing I have noticed is that now that I'm in my early 40s...things hurt more. Joints, muscles...stuff like that and it seems to take twice as long to heal from an injury. And really in general I feel pretty terrible all around.

So what I was wondering is if there is anything in particular I should be eating and doing at my age that would help with getting in shape again and just in general for a 40+ year old.

I'm about 6' and 230lbs and it's not all muscle for sure.

Thanks for any advice.
Ohnooze as far as supplements and a workout I would focus on a simple routine workout and just get your daily food regiment up to pare. We are in fact what we eat! Since you say you would like to lose a little and tone up I always say…Workout routine + Diet + Cardio + Green tea = High metabolism = Fat loss. This is a lot cheaper and probably more effective than buying a bunch of stuff and overwhelming yourself with a super complicated regiment to start with. Links below will help you tons I bet! Any questions ask and someone will answer I promise!

Here is a nutrition site for info

Here’s an awesome workout but intense

The diet to go with it


Pain and Tension…what you need to know

The window of opportunity

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