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Day 1: Weighted myself in the morning and i happened to be lighter that i expected, sitting at 64.1kg. My lowest weight since probably 5th grade. My initial goal of 75kg looks more likely very hard to achieve in that time frame, especially having in mind that i'll try to get even leaner in the process. So 70kg looks reasonable i guess. The weather was awful, it was raining early in the morning (around 06:00am) and it was quite foggy, but with no hesitation i put my clothes on and drove my way to the starting point for my hike. It's a well known track for me, that i've used to hike when i was very young (and fat) with my father. It's very difficult terrain with very high incline and i really, really hated it when i was a kid. I've planned on making a gps log with my phone, but something goes wrong with the gps, so no log. However i've made some nice photos, two of which were a funny lizards i saw several times. - Lizard - Lizard
I also took few pics that were to represent the weather and the beautiful nature, that i totally immersed in ! - city's TV Tower - few seconds before the pic, there was fog very similar to that in the picture of the TV Tower. It just went away in a matter of few brief moments. It was so surreal, that with my previously increased endorphins production from the intense hike, i felt like i was extremely high. Very strong feeling of well-beign and euphoria rushed through me, left me smiling and laughing. Just ridiculous
I took a panorama photo of my ending point, where i meditated for few minutes, but it's too large to upload it.
The whole thing (hiking and going back) took me around 95-100 minutes.
Food for the day was :
Coffee with 25g Coconut oil - 25g fat - 225kcal
4 whole jumbo Eggs - 30g pro 24g fat - 360kcal
boiled and mashed cauliflower with organic stevia and 50g butter - 40g fat - 360kcal
200g coconut - 66g fat, 30g carbs - 700kcal
green salad, tomato with 30g EVOO - 30g fat, 270kcal
250g hog meat - 7g fat, 55g pro, 305kcal
30g lard - 30g fat, 270kcal

Total for the day: F - 222g; P - 85g; C - 30g(i don't count carbs, others those in nuts); KCAL - 2500kcal
Song of the day (that i'm listening to, during the post) -

Been an all around productive day for me!
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