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Originally Posted by Algavinn View Post
For those whose energy systems are ready for it, intermittent fasting can be an effective way to regulate your body and give the gut a chance to recover. Our bodies weren't meant to be constantly full of food and the 5+ meals a day many bodybuilders follow just contributes to pancreatic dysfunction and a gut that doesn't get a chance to unload. I've tried it myself and felt better than I ever have, I just can't do it much at the moment because of my schedule.

Now before my low back went out on me, I use to eat like this. I got to tell you it was hard trying to keep up with meals working 40 hrs a week and making sure I have workout time each night. I will not be doing this anymore because of what you stated about the gut. I had one that my friends could see me coming one block away and they could lock the door so I couldn't visit.
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