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Originally Posted by Birthright1 View Post
Love the super sets! Hows the back feeling?

That is perfect...the constant tension really helps you feel the fatigue and strain so you dont over exert yourself and use bad form. Keep up the PUMP!!!
Back is still a bit "off", you know that feeling of; "whoops, bending over to tie my shoe shouldn't feel this way."

No major pain, just that soreness that lets me know I tweaked it and it is not ready for heavy loads yet.

Thursday - Incline Bench/Upper back

* Cable Rows 96x13 between many bench sets, 8 total

Ring Dips
BWx14, 11

Incline Bench Press
260 x 1
227.5 x 6, 5, 5 - Rep and volume PR
206 x 7 + 4 rest pause
186 x 8 + 5 rest pause

OH Press
112.5x10, 4 sets

Fixed Bar OH Extensions, Goal is 50+ reps ASA, usually takes me 5 sets
Ab Bench OH Extensions - 10-15 partials and iso-holds, 3 sets
w/ Band Curls

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