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Thanks for the support! I really appreciate it! There are some good news about me found a new job extremely fast, a job that won't interfere with my goals and that's not time consuming - 60 hours a month as a sales consultant. It's not the best paid job, but it's exactly what i need atm. This will bring up my incomes and make it easier for me to increase the quality and quantity of my food. I'll distribute my income around the ancient babylon wisdom - 10% for savings, 70% for food, fuel and home needs and 20% for me. At the end of each month, everything that i didn't spend for food and fun will go to savings, too. My diet, if i can name it that way, because it's more of a lifestyle, is a version ot paleo/lchf type of eating that i design for my body in the past 3 years, using trial and error, exclude and include various types of foods and play around with different types of eating patterns. A typical day of mine consist of 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and usually the foods i consume are:
1. Eggs - free ranged
2. Lamb liver/heart/lungs - they sell it as a set. It's pretty cheap and extremely nutritional.
3. Coconuts
4. Coconut oil
5. Butter - for a long time i try to find grass fed butter, but with no success.
6. Hog meat - i prefer it over beef. It's a lot cheaper (twice) and taste the same.
7. Vegetables - i love cauliflowers, especially with butter and salt and try to stick with them, again because they are cheap and because they are "home grown". I can find organic cauliflowers as cheap as toilet paper here
8. Sea/pink salt - as my carbohydrate intake is low (coconuts and vegetables) i salt every meal with combination of these two salts. Found out that this strategy help big time.

Example of a day :
6am - wake up, prepare triple strength espresso (in love with coffee) with 20-30g coconut oil
7am - get my workout done around that time, if it's training day
9am - breakfast
2-3pm - lunch
6-7pm - dinner
9:30pm - relaxation/meditation
10pm - lights out

Here's a pic of me, that i take yesterday. I did do any other physical activity than 2-3 bodyweight workouts in the past 3 years, and regular walking each day. I truly believe that the way i design my eating (it's 100% tailored for my body) helped me stay lean.
It's very interesting for me, how it'll suit regular and high intensity workout regiment.
I do not track calories, but this time (mostly because i'll stick with a fixed budget and i have defined goals) i will. At the start (first 4 weeks) i'll do LC days on my off days (4 days a week. Note: I do not count my hiking day as training ) and HC days on my training days (3 days a week). Calories will be LC - 1500-1700kcal HC - 3000+kcal.

Few words on my training strategy - i design a program that is 4 day split, distributed over 3 day training week. It looks like that:
Week 1
mon - weight training
tue - off
wed - intervals
thu - off
fri - weight training
sat - mountain hike/long duration sustained state cardio
sun - off
Week 2
mon - intervals
tue - off
wed - weight training
thu - off
fri - intervals
sat - off
sun - mountain hike/long duration sustained state cardio
I'll train outside on a track field. My weight training sessions will consist of :
1. Chin ups/pull ups
2. Dips
3. Push-ups (on pads)
4. Tire flip
5. Kettlebell swings
6. Various lower body plyometric
7. Various core exercises
Every workout will be different. I'll incorporate tut, isometrics, plyometrics.
As for my intervals, they will be either track sprints with different set-ups (25-50-75-100-200-300-400m) or fartleks.
I want to develop every aspect of fitness - strength, power, endurance, agility, flexibility and co-ordination. The only thing, that i'm not very sure about how to put it into my regiment is stretching. Currently i'm using foal rolling, static stretching and posture correction exercises after each workout. Some info here will be very helpful.
Goals for that time period can be broken down into - fitness and life goals. Currently i'm hovering around 70kg reasonably lean, but with very decreased athletic performance. Ultimately at the end of these 12 months i will aim for 75kg, ripped and with very, very high level of athletic performance in every aspect. Of course, staying injury free !
Life goals - here is a bit more complicated. Overall i want to create a very positive image about myself, develop and cultivate the moral values that i stand for and become a better person. Educate myself ! In a nutshell :
1. Make an impact - every day i want to be able to make positive impact on other people's life. Be it a smile on the cashier in the market, or help someone with their diet and fitness.
2. Never complain - learn how to solve problems that are in my reach, accept things that are beyond my reach and learn how to properly separate them.
3. Be a good/honourable/loyal person
4. Educate myself - educate in the fields that i want to be good at - physiology, nutrition, psychology, philosophy, etc)
5. Make strong bonds with people that i love and that loves me
I hope that i wrap things up good enough for you gyus. At the end of the week i'll post info about my training. Wish you great week !
PS: Forgot to mention my current supplements - it's nothing special, just the essentials that potentially are lacking in my diet :
1. Vitamin D3 - 5000 iu with breakfast - balancing my A/D ratio, because of my high liver consumption (i'll stop using it when the summer months arrive)
2. Vitamin K-2 (mk-7) - 90 mcg with breakfast - use in combination with vitamin D.
3. Magnesium (citrate, glycinate, malate) - 400 mg empty stomach before bed.
4. Potassium (gluconate) - 200mg empty stomach before bed with magnesium.
5. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - 2g non training days and 4g training days -

PS: I'll add a basic pre-workout stack, which will include:
1 lemon juice in warm water with pinch of sea/pink salt - for potassium and sodium.
2g Vitamin C - as far as i know, Vitamin C is crucial for proper synthesis of dopamine and also is a co-factor in the formation of norepinephrine from dopamine. Not sure that i'll be of any benefit, but i'll try it.

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