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Great workout today, my shoulders felt really good, especially with the overhead barbell press. I haven't done those in a while to protect the shoulder, but today was a good day!


Standing Overhead Barbell Press (warm-up) - 2 sets (10/10).

Standing Overhead Barbell Press - 3 sets (5/5/5+). Use 65%, 75% and 85% of your max, do at least 5 on the last set. These don't have to be perfectly strict, but don't do a push press.

One-Arm Seated Cable Shoulder Press - 4 sets (12/12/10/10).

Cable Front Raises superset with Dumbbell Lateral Raises - 5 sets (12/12/10/10/10 and 10/10/10/10/10). Increase the weight twice with the cable raise, keep the weight the same for the dumbbells.

Reverse Machine Flyes - 5 sets (15/12/10/10/10).

Barbell Shrugs superset with Lying Leg Raises with a resistance band - 5 sets (20/20/20/15/15 and 15/15/15/15/15). Here's how the leg raises work. Grab a resistance band or tubing, wrap it around the base of a machine or rack. Sit on the floor and put your feet through the handles (one foot in each). Lay on your back on the floor and grab a heavy dumbbell over your head for support. Now do leg raises, pulling your feet in the air with the band attached. These are killer!

Barbell Pull/Push Twist superset with Dumbbell Shrugs - 4 sets (12/12/12/12 and 15/15/15/15). Here's how the twist works. Place one end of a barbell in a corner, on the other end, put some weight. Don't use too much, it's not like these are t-bar rows! Stand to one side of the bar with your feet shoulder width apart and facing the bar. In one quick motion initiated by your core, bend down and pick up the end of the bar with your inside hand (the hand closest to the corner). As you stand up with the bar, rotate your body towards the corner and switch hands. Finish the movement by pushing with your outside arm towards the corner. It's hard to explain, but it's a great explosive movement.

I also did 20-minutes of cardio on the bike this morning.
Joe "Yu Yevon" King

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